Whitefield & District Flower Club

Meeting Address: 

The Besses o'th'Barn United Reform Church, Besses Junction, Bury Old Road, Whitefield. M45 7EL

About us: 

If you are interested in flowers and plant material generally and would love to learn more about arranging flowers in a friendly atmosphere with people of all ages and abilities you are welcome.

We have professional demonstrators, who come along and entertain us for the evening by completing six or more floral designs on stage. Often they are quite amusing, always using a wide variety of flowers and foliage, giving information as they go along. Their use of mechanics and accesories inspire you to go home and try for yourself.

You may even win one of these works of art in the raffle as each arrangement is raffled off at the end of the evening. If you are lucky enough to win either as a member or visitor you have the pleasure of taking home a fantastic arrangement. After all the excitement please join us for beverages, biscuits and a friendly chat

Our club was formed in 1962 by founder President Mrs Simpkin, the club has been involved in many area festivals over the years.

In 1997 we were involved in the promotion of public awareness to flower arranging in The North West Area at G-Mex Centre in Manchester.

Interspersed with Area Festivals the club has been involved with flower shows as far apart as the Lakes, Southport, Harrogate and has gained many awards including Silver medals at both Chelsea and Liverpool.

Once a year the club has the honour of creating floral arrangements for Manchester Cathedral.

The club encourages, stimulates and educates members through its huge network of demonstrators, teachers and speakers.

Our members of all levels of skill have the opportunity to participate in competitions, shows and flower festivals both within and out of the region. our Trading Officer is able to provide a wide range of publications that are produced by the national association to aid these activities, along with an excellent magazine "The Flower Arranger" and other sundry items. She also has information of various local events from time to time.

We have plant's for sale most meetings, or if your after a plant & a member has it in there garden they are always willing to strike you a cutting, as I have been the lucky recipient on many occasion's.

Our venue is at The Besses United Reform Church, Besses Junction, Bury Old Road, Whitefield and held every third Monday in the month at 7.30 pm, except August. Visitors welcome at £5.00 per visit. Subscriptions are £40.00 per year.

Programme of Events

Demonstration by Karen Schofield - 'The Key to Christmas'.
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 19:30
The Besses o'th'Barn United Reform Church, Besses Junction, Bury Old Road, Whitefield. M45 7EL