Festive Flower & Food Show 2017 Competition Results

Festive Flower & Food Show 2017 - Results
Class 1 - Inclement Weather First Elaine Foreman & Margurita Braithwaite Northumberland & Durham Second Vanessa Wellock & Lucy Hutton Smith North East Third Jade Loftus & Paula Routledge North Midlands VHC Irene Young & Heather Black SAFAS HC Valerie Phillips & Caroline Barnes East of England C Carys Harrison & Elaine Bedford North East
Class 2 – Festive Candelabra  Class 7 – Spirit of the Season First Patricia Bashford Kent  First Eleanor Griffiths Cheshire Second Margaret Baker South West  Second Jean Farkins North West Third Judith Clancy Northumb & Durham  Third James Burnside NIGFAS VHC Christina Curtis Surrey  VHC Catherine Baines North West HC Jackie Walker North West  VHC Craig Bullock North West C Diana Holman Dorset & Guernsey  HC Chris Brown Surrey C Margaret Titman North East  C Rosaind McGookin NIGFAS C Sarah Cooper Sussex  C John Thexton North West   C Jayne Morriss 3C & South Wales Class 3 – Happy Holidays   First Ann France Cheshire  Class 8 – Vintage Christmas Second Diane Smith North Midlands  First Anne Coulton North West Third Claire Bryant Surrey  Second Sarah Green North Midlands VHC Rosemary Pell East of England  Third Jane Rickard Surrey HC Diana Jones North West  VHC Jo Jacobs South West C Preeti Sarda L&O  HC Stephen McDonnell Sussex C Margaret Thomas 3C & South Wales  C Sandra Halkett SAFAS C Elaine Foreman Northumb & Durham  C Ian Buxton North Midlands     Class 4 – By the Winter Fireside  Class 9 – Swept from the Sea First Cecile Povey North Midlands  First Jeanie Osborne Surrey Second Anne Davison North East  Second Pat Stanley North Midlands Third Barbara Collins East of England  Third Ann Coulton North West VHC Anne Luckett Kent  VHC Sue Slark Surrey HC Shirley Sexton BB&O  HC Jilly Griffin Sussex C Pauline Foster North Midlands  C Jan Clarke Surrey C Julia Knights East of England  C Margaret Delany Cheshire C Kate Edwards Mercia & North Wales  C Dallas Taylor Surrey     Class 5 – Under the Tree   First Luke Pell East of England   Second Isobella Farman East of England  Class 10 – Glorious Gales Third Isla Skeet East of England  First Karen Frew NIGFAS VHC Charlie Pell East of England  Second Barbara Megarry NIGFAS VHC Gracie Gooch East of England  Third Jo Smith North Midlands VHC Poppy Cottrell 3C & South Wales  VHC Gillian Pelton Wessex & Jersey HC Daisy Skeet East of England  HC Jenni Baker East of England C Charlotte Burgess Surrey  C R.Ann Hinde North West C Tobie Skeet East of England  C Claire Bryant Surrey C Hannah Parker SAFAS  C Jean H MacDonald SAFAS C Liberty Pringle Wessex & Jersey   C Maisie Lloyd East of England  Class 11 – Horn of Richness C Riley James Smith Mercia & North Wales  First Jane Burns North West C Lola Skeet East of England  Second Angela Merryfield Surrey   Third Heather Hume NIGFAS Class 6 – Time to Party  VHC Lynn Bottamley North Midlands First Rachel Law SAFAS  HC Stephen Ludlam SAFAS Second Lauren Wright SAFAS  C Cherie Nummy NIGFAS Third Iona McLeod SAFAS   VHC Charlotte George North East  Class 12 - Plantaholic HC Hannah Law SAFAS  First Linda Porrett Sussex C Millie Hemley-Tucker East of England  Second Lynn Stott North West C Mia Richardson Wessex & Jersey  Third  Susan Fairhurst North East C Kitty-Rose Hemley-Tucker East of England  VHC Ann Sinclair L&O    C Paula Routledge North Midlands
Class 13 - Showstopper  Class 16 – My Festive Door First Stephen McDonnell Sussex  First Tom Hodge North West Second Pauline Lund Nrthumb & Durham  Second Ken Hough North West Third Preeti Sarda L&O  Third Jane Walden North Midlands VHC Gillian Jackson Cheshire  VHC Margaret Baker South West HC Margo Kettles SAFAS  HC Kathleen Dean North West C Jane Pugh Mercia & North Wales  C Kate Edwards Mercia & North Wales C Linda Soutar SAFAS  C Janet Schofield Cheshire C Kate Brown Surrey     Class 14 – Amuse Bouche  Class 17 – Watch This Space First Dallas Taylor Surrey  First Gillian Mosley Cheshire Second Roslyn Peace Wessex & Jersey  Second Karen Clegg Cheshire Third Norma Wright SAFAS  Third Michael Bowyer Wessex & Jersey VHC Chris Brown Surrey  VHC Val Seed Cheshire HC Miriam Hill Home Counties  HC James Burnside NIGFAS C Helen Sinclair L&O  C Joyce Cook Mercia & North Wales C Jane Pugh Mercia & North Wales  C Sandra Price East of England   C Maggie Hayes Sussex Class 15 – Skewered   First Chris Gibbons Cheshire  Class 18 – Heavenly Delights Second Pamela Lewis South West  First Christina Curtis Surrey Third Eileen Barraclough North East  Second John Thexton North West VHC Susie Barwick BB&O  Third Gaenor Circus Sussex HC Lynn Mackenzie Wessex & Jersey  VHC Christopher White East of England C Shirley Sexton BB&O  HC Anne Williams Cheshire C Dorothy Monks Cheshire  C Moira Neville East of England C David Ryland North West  C Patricia Murphy Cheshire Class 19 – From the Pages of History First Nicole Wylie & Val Seed Cheshire Second Irene A Parker & Jacqueline Fox Northumb & Durham Third Heather Hume & Maureen Laverty NIGFAS VHC Susan Horne & Sandra Price East of England HC Denise Jones & Jean Jones Dorset & Guernsey C Felicia Dykstra & Chris Gibbons Cheshire C Simone Squire & Lucy Allan South Midlands C Denise Williams & Sally Rawlings Devon & Cornwall
Winners of NAFAS Trophies
Best Individual Exhibit  Tom Hodge – Class 16 – My Festive Door
Runner Up to the Best Individual Exhibit Jane Burns – Class 11 – Horn of Richness
Best Use of Fresh Garden Plant Material James Burnside – Class 7 – Spirit of the Season
Best Use of Foliage James Burnside – Class 7 – Spirit of the Season
Best Use of Colour Jane Burns – Class 11 – Horn of Richness
Best Use of Texture Craig Bullock – Class 7 – Spirit of the Season
Innovation Christina Curtis – Class 18 – Heavenly Delights
Show Manager’s Choice Craig Bullock – Class 7 - Spirit of the Season